Recently, I’ve been so intrigued by the Navajo culture and especially prints and patterns.
I’ve always wanted a Navajo blanket but I thought, perhaps, a jacket could suffice.

I always see jackets such as these for sale, advertised as hand painted-but at price points way beyond my reach.
Yes, these jackets probably shouldn’t be any cheaper, since someone took their precious time hand painting them,
but I guess I just wanted to paint my own for justification.

I ventured into my local thrift once again (for about the hundredth time this break) and found the perfect denim shirt/jacket,
and started painting as soon as I was home.
This is what I came up with!


Yes, my pattern is a bit uneven, but that’s what makes it unique!
I free handed this pattern, so I wouldn’t expect it to be pitch-perfect.
To make this, I used simple acrylic paint and puffy paint for the yellow outline.
I have yet to wash my jacket/shirt, but I doubt I will since I’m afraid the paint may come off!
some of my inspirations







There’s just something about red+yellow+turquoise together that just is so perfect.
I’m truly inspired by this wonderful artwork, and will continue to be.


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