Rifle Paper Co. inspiration

It’s Tuesday ya’ll!

Hopefully everyone is having a fab t-day. For me, I painted my nails! (okok, I did them last night but I finished them this morning!)
If you don’t know about the beauty department.com, I HIGHLY suggest you check them out. They’re definitely one of my biggest secrets. They literally have the BEST tutorials and just advice for all things beauty! And my favorite part is that they always are from a point of view that the model is the one doing the tutorial-so they’re actually do-able! 
Well, lately I’ve become obbsessd with another website, which is Rifle Paper Co! Yes, it is a paper company but it’s seriously SO cute. {definitely ordering one of their phone cases soon!} WEEELLLL, I was SO ecstatic when I realized that TBD was doing an Anna Rifle Bond{founder of the Rifle Paper Co} manicure! So of course I had to try it-now I’m not saying it looks like theirs but it is okaaay. Below are some of the Rifle Paper Co’s products, and then TBD’s tutorial, and finally my nails! Enjoy!

I mean really, how cute is this stuff.



{click HERE and scroll down for the tutorial!}


And last but not least, how my nails turned out!



That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed some fancy nails on this lovely Tuesday.
Until next time!

XX Flancake


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