The Big Surprise!

It’s Tuesday ya’ll!!!

So, as promised…I’m revealing the big surprise that I mentioned a few posts back!
Starting tomorrow, Wednesday(in case you didn’t know!) my grandmother’s shop, Crosseyed Cricket will be carrying my refurbished distressed furniture and home goods! I’ve painted and distressed every piece by hand, and it’s taken a LOT of hours-every piece is different! I LOVE the color’s I’ve used so far, they really will make a room pop!
I wanted to put my things in my grandmother’s store because A) They really can add so much color to one room! And B) All of my items, besides the bigger furniture, make the perfect gifts!! There are a TON of different colored chalkboard frames to choose from, so take your pic! Also, all of my things are VERY reasonably priced! None of the smaller items are over $40 and the furniture won’t be over $100 (of course unless it’s a very refurbished, very old piece that took a long time to finish!)

I wanted to show you some pictures of what I’m talking about because I think you’ll love it! I know I do!
First of all though, here are the Fourth of July windows that I did!
I wanted to give off a feel of flags flying in the wind, so I decided to hang them for a cool effect! I also wanted to incorporate some of the things I had made with the things that are already in the store. I made sure to have one red, white, and blue bigger object in both windows, but keeping them somewhat different. I also used small antique cannons that were laying around the store to really give off the July 4th vibe-enjoy!


This turquoise piece is SO gorgeous, so sorry for the terrible picture quality-but it really is so pretty in person! This end table is also ONLY $60!! SUCH a steal! It’s a little hard to see, but the little distressed green vase is also available-so cute! Come see them tomorrow in the store
from 10:30-5!


Here are some other options available-a turquoise bamboo mirror that hangs on a wall diagonally, a really cool yellow mirror with sconce that hangs, a small turquoise candle holder, and really awesome orange leaf sconces (perfect for fall)!Image

Here is a yellow distressed chalk frame with really awesome blue water color shining through the distress, and a really cute turquoise candle holder that can double as a ring holder!


Sorry these are upside down, but these turquoise antique sconces are SO adorable!! I wish I could put them in my room but I’m repainting it soon…turquoise haha oops!


Here’s a great mint distressed with yellow underneath magazine holder! SO cute!Image

Here’s another candle holder that you can use to display jewelry on and an adorable smaller chalk board frame that is hangable!


And another larger chalkboard frame! This orange one is SO cute-and it hangs too!


Another mint large chalkboard frame-this would make the perfect gift!Image

Here’s a FAB green broke tray that would look perfect on a coffee table! Image

This is probably my favorite turquoise chalkboard frame, it’s HUGE-it will be going outside the store for now! But it won’t be there for long!


Sorry for another terrible quality, but these green sconces are SO cute!Image

Last but not least here is a perfect gift item-a small square chalkboard frame-that’s only $8!Image

There are a few things in the windows that are of course for sale and a TON more things coming to the store soon that I’m working on right now!
There wil be a few more furniture pieces coming, and a lot more smaller gift items!
And in case you were curious, I also can do custom work-for frames, furniture, just whatever!! (mail boxes I think would look SO cute distressed!)


Well that’s my surprise lovely ladies! I hope your as excited as I am about this new adventure!
Don’t worry though-I’m still making shorts, I’m working on July 4th ones right now!
Come in tomorrow through Saturday to check out the new things-I bet you’ll love them!

Until next time loves!
Have a great night!

(Oh and wish my mom a happy birthday! She’s 29 😉

XX Flancake

ARM PARTY: (ahrm-pahr-tee)

It’s Tuesday! (or at least I think it is…you know how summer can get!)

ARM PARTY: (ahrm-pahr-tee)
noun: to load up one’s wrist with fab bracelets, bangles and adornments for the simple purpose of looking fabulous.

So today I wanted to post about something that I GUESS is a trend, but it’s been around or a while so I’m not exactly posting about how it’s new-I just wanted to talk about arm parties because they’re SO fun!!

So first things first-I wanted to share my arm parties, and the different ways to wear them!

Lately I’m having a party on my arm everyday!
This is what I wear everyday:

for an everyday arm party I always put on my watch which is a must, since I have gold on my watch I always add a few gold bangles/spiked bracelets, a real fancy pink bracelet, my personalized leather bracelets and my cool turquoise bracelet. For me, this is the perfect arm party because I have a mix of fancy bracelets with easy to wear bracelets-which works for everyday because sometimes I dress super nice but sometimes I just want to wear a tshirt! I also like to add bracelets that are personalized because that makes it YOURS!


If you’re wanting an arm party that’s bohemian, do something like this:
add a woven friendship bracelet with some vintage bangles and be colorful!! Also for a bohemian arm party add some leather bracelets(or faux leather!)


If you want a dressed up arm party or have a bigger bracelet that you want to show off-do something like this! For this arm party, add some different bangles in the same color as your statement piece(gold/silver) and add your statement last(closest to your wrist)


Those are my interpretations of arm parties- here are some of my favorite arm parties!


Basically here’s the rule with an arm party-pile on pretty jewels in similar colors, the limit is about 5 or 6 inches up your lower arm, and rock them!
The reason I love arm parties is because they just make an outfit SO much more interesting! If you have a cool piece from a different country, think about what a great conversation started it could be! One last thought on arm parties-if just a bunch of bracelets aren’t enough for you(because sometimes they aren’t enough for me!) add some cool rings! Either 1 or 2 bigger statement rings on the opposite hand of your arm party or a bunch of little dainty rings! You basically can’t go wrong!!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you’ve been inspired and rock some awesome arm parties!!


XX Flancake

White hawt.

Happy Fathers to to all the rad dad’s out there!


On this pretty Sunday, I was thinking of all the different trends for summer. As I’m sure you’re all aware, white is always a hot color for summer-it keeps you cool, it’s easy to wear, and I literally ALWAYS see it in resort collections, and at resorts. This season however, white is being used as a statement, not in clothes-but on your nails!

I’ve been seeing white nail’s ALL over Pinterest, but just recently I’ve actually been making myself be aware of it. Two of my favorite fashion bloggers, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam and Aimee Song from Song Of Style have both rocked this trend.



The reasons I think this nail trend is so popular is because A) it’s SUCH a refreshing break from all the ridiculous nail art we see nowadays(don’t get me wrong-I do love nail art, but there is such a thing as too much!) and B) it’s so easy to wear! C) It’s not a hard to color to find(which I guess goes with the fact that it’s easy to wear) and D) it’s a cool way to have all over color that goes with literally every one of your outfits!

I’ve only worn white nail polish a few times, because my nails are a bit on the nubby side right now, but the color that I have found that I like very much is Essie’s Blanc-it’s a very crisp white with no shimmer and no glitter at all. I’ve always been an Essie polish lover-something about how quickly it dries and how smooth it goes on! 

I did some research though, and these are supposedly the best white nail polishes out there:

If you’re looking for a white that has a greyish tint, go for OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls (from their Spiderman Collection!)



If you want a matte finish but don’t want to buy or put on the matte top coat, go for Zoya’s Snow White.


If you’re more on the girly side and want a little shimmer, use Julep’s Vernis Kate.



And if you want a white that is a bit opaque, use Deborah Lipman’s Saving Grace. (I’m a huge fan of her products-I have a few and they are SO great!)



And lastley, if you want a simple cheap polish that can be bought at Walmart, Sally Hanson’s White On is perfect for you (it’s only $3!)




If you don’t believe that white is a trend or it can look good, here are some more pictures from Pinterest that prove that white is SO chic! 



That’s all for today! I hope you try out this nail trend on yourself, or go to your local salon to have it done! It really is SO great and versatile! 
Have a great week-this Friday is the first official day of summer, by the way!



XX Flancake

Turning Tables.

It’s Saturday ya’ll!

{before you start reading-start listening to Farmer’s Daughter by Fleetwood Mac {fun fact-it’s actually a cover of the original Farmer’s Daughter by the Beach Boy!} (I’m definitely listening to it while I post this)-it’s an oldie, but SUCH a goodie!}

Anyways—I normally give more than just a few details on what my Saturday involved, but lately I’ve been working on something top-secret/AWESOME!!! I literally can’t wait to share this something with ya’ll!! I will tell you some of what I did do though, and basically what my past 3 days have consisted of-going picking(thrifting!!) and making shorts! And of course, working on my super secret project! (SO excited!!!)

Since 2 days ago it was my birthday, I wanted to share with you something I got! (BTW-I hope a lot of you donated to ACH, because like I said-SUCH a good cause!!)
Lately, I’ve been so fascinated by old music, the good stuff. And I felt like I wasn’t being able to experience it the right way off of my stereo/iphone, because back in the day everyone used record players!
I don’t really know why we made the switch to CD’s anyways because vinyl just sounds so REAL-I just love it! Of course I have to tell you my silly story associated with record players now, and why I became to want one other than the fact that they sound amazing.
A few months ago, my boyfriend had to house-sit his Aunt’s house, so I came over for a little bit to watch movies/make dinner/etc. They have a record player and I noticed a few awesome looking records, so of course I had to listen. We danced around to Bob Dylan (Tangled in Blue being one of my favorites) for a few hours, and I was in love-with of course the music ;)! And that’s where this obsession started!
So, needless o say-I got a record table for my birthday! I am OVER THE MOOON! Seriously though, I’m SO excited! So, If you know where I can get any old records, or if you have any you’d be willing to give me, that would be SO rad!! (This is what it looks like!) YIPEEE




Anywho-something else I’ve been working on lately are Crosseyed Cricket’s windows! So obviously it’s summertime!(100 degree weather-dying) For the summer window’s I wanted to make it seem like the old days-where people went out and had picnics in the parks and where just so relaxed and not busy with work or sports or any other things people get busy with during the summer. I wanted the windows to reflect the easiness that summer suggests, I wanted to remind people to take a break and reeellaaxxxxx!! Here they are: I hope you love them!



I can’t WAIT for the July windows-just thing FLAGS, lots of flags!!! 

That’s it for today lovely ladies! Keep reading-within the next few weeks I’ll tell you what my new project is that I am literally SO excited about!!!
Until next time!!


XX Flancake

It’s my birthday ya’ll!

Yes, June 13th is my birthday!! (whoop-whoop!)
I also share my birthday with some of my ultimate fashion icons-MK and A!!
{literally perfection}


But in other news-For my birthday I’m asking friends, facebook friends, and instagram friends to not give me gifts, but instead- donate to Arkansas Children’s Hospital!

Last year, actually around my birthday, a few days earlier, my appendix ruptured and I was rushed to ACH. I posted about this event a while back, but in case you didn’t read it-ACH took the absolute BEST care of me, and they definitely deserve some payback! I plan on going over and volunteering my time, but until I can, I’d like to keep donating to them! You should donate to ACH because seriously, they give the best care ever. And some kids aren’t as wel off as me and just get to stay for a week, some have to stay their whole life. So why not donate and make it the best stay it can possibly be?? Here’s the link!


So since I’ve been MIA for a few days, I thought I’d fill you in!

A few days ago I made a trip out of town and I was feeling the retro-vibe, so of course I donned a vintage-inspired romper from Forever21! Not only is this romper SO cute, but it’s seriously SO comfy, it’s super lightweight, and it was only $15!!! Get it!!
{my bag is Lucky and my platforms are from Target-also a steal!}



I thought I would share my awesome topknot I had the other day, and I just love colors in this picture!



Something else I’ve been doing recently is redoing and distressing things! Here’s a really awesome chalk board frame I made for my Mama D’s store {Crosseyed Cricket} -they’ll be for sale in a few weeks ranging from 10-20!


and a trunk I made!



And that’s  all for now loves! 
Don’t forget to donate to Arkansas Children’s Hopsital!

XX Flancake


My newest adventure!

Happy Saturday all! 

I’ve ventured into new territoy-which is making cut-off jean shorts! 
I decided to make them for a few different reasons-1) Theyre SO easy! 2) I didn’t really like the way other people/places make theirs 3) I wanted to make them for other people too!

I was SO inspired by these shorts that Rosie Huntington-Whitley wore to Coachella in 2012, and I just HAD to have them, well make my own version that is! Here’s her version



(and some other pics of them!)



And my version!



I was literally SO proud and excited about these!! Not only are they so cute, but they fit perfectly! They’re SO comfy-I made them out of some old interesting (maybe maternity?) jeans from a local thrift store!

Here are some of my other shorts that I’ve made!



My pricing is going to be:
$30 for shorts with fabric/heavy embellishment
$25 for shorts with lots of holes/distressing
$20 for shorts with just a few holes


I’m going to do a tutorial soon on how to make these really easy shorts!
(But it’s all about the jean-fit I promise!)
I just wanted to share about how cute they are!!!
If you want to order some(In the picture with the 4 shorts-the Top and Bottom shorts on the right are sold!) (I can ship anywhere in the US) just comment below! Or I can do custom orders, email me at with the subject line “Shorts” 

I hope you like them (I’M OBSESSED!) 


Also, here is another one of my creations!



These will soon be sold at Crosseyed Cricket! (Email me for info about these if you’d like some with subject line “Earrings”)

That’s all for today!
Have a great Sunday!!

XX Flancake

Corrections-to getting wavy hair without heat!

So if you read my post last night about getting wavy hair-then this is for you!

The first time I did this, my hair was dry and I misted it, so my hair was a little different texture!
When I did the tutorial, my hair was wet so my results turned out a little….different!
So here are my suggestions for changing my tutorial:

1) Make sure your hair isn’t ringing wet-it needs to be almost halfway dry!

2) Don’t twist all the way to the very end-twit about 3/4 of your hair!

And lastly-

3) DON’T put the mousse in your hair-I thought it would help hold my hair but it made it look all crunchy and gross-just what I DIDN’T want!

I hope those extra tips help!!
I should’ve tried out both types of hair(wet/dry/damp) before posting this, but I just couldnt wait!
Good luck!

-XX Flancake