Coconuts for coconut oil.

Happy April 1st!

(clever title, aye?)

I hope everyone is having a great first day of April, hopefully not filled with TOO many bad pranks (the prank on my boyfriend is in the process, I’ll give more deets later if it’s successful!)

Today I wanted to focus on one of my latest secrets in the beauty/cooking world. Now, could this secret really be possible-used for both beauty and food? The answer is YEESSSSS-girls(and guys too!), meet my good friend Coconut Oil!
Now, you’ve probably seen CO all over pinterest, and the benefits..blahblahblah. BUT, has anyone you know ever actually tried it? Well my friends-I have! 


First thought let me tell you-ONLY buy organic Coconut Oil if you’re going to be using it on your body, because no one wants nasty un-known ingredients on their precious face. 

So let me just tell you what all I use CO for…

Body moisturizer(in place of lotion), face mousturizer(ever other time), and in place of butter(for cooking and potatoes), and hair nurturing.

BUT there are SOOO many other uses for CO! Here are some that I’ve found:

  • ant-inflamatory 
  • to get rid of birth marks
  • body scrub(mis with raw sugar)
  • bug bites
  • burns/bruises
  • face wash(mixed with baking soda)
  • makeup remover

for more uses(actually 160 of them!) check out this website

Now, you’re probably wondering why the blank you should put an oil on your face-let me tell you.

If you find your skin still dry after a few minutes from putting on moisturizer, it’s because your skin isn’t fully absorbing the lotion. This goes for your face and body. Coconut oil however actually goes INTO your skin and gets absorbed, so it really does nourish and moisturize your skin. 

Another remedy that CO is good for is your hair! I know I know-oil on your hair IS pretty nasty sounding but trust me-it works wonders! The other night I was feeling like my hair was a tad dry, and so I put some CO on it! I massaged it into my scalp and put it on the ends(do NOT put on the rest of your hair unless it is REALLY dry) then put your hair in a bun with a bobby pin(maybe add a shower cap to sleep in so oil doesn’t get everywhere!) and voila! I slept in mine and washed it out the next morning. I put a little TOO much oil in my hair so it took literally 4 shampoo washes to get it all out, but afterwards my hair was SO lush! Here;s a tip-scoop out a spoonful and use 1/4 of that(I have long fine hair, so this will vary for different hair types) and also-do this on dirty hair(mine hadn’t been washed in 3 days…)  That’s basically it!

One last tip for first time coconut oil users-do NOT try to overcompensate. By this I mean don’t use a lot-I literally couldn’t be more serious when I say less is more. Reminder-this is OIL, so it goes a LONG LONG way! Especially for your skin! (I like to pinch a bit out and rub it in my hands-it turns into oil SO fast and I always realize that I have just enough!)

Here’s some great links if you want to whip up some more CO creations: (just click the pics!)








That’s all for today pretty gals!
I hope you have a fabulous Monday-treat yourself, go get some coconut oil and slather up! (you’ll seriously have baby skin I promise you.)


XX Flancake



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