Vintage Vixens.

Goodafternoon spring breakers!
(or those who wish they were still on spring break…)

As I’m sitting by a mother of pearl pool, I’ve been thinking-why can’t we go back to the times when the pin up girl was in style? Not only the body type-curvy and luscious, but also the actual style of these vixens! Recently, I’ve been looking back a few decades and becoming inspired. 

If only society would realize that all body types are sexing and seductive. Of course Marylyn Monroe is one of my favorite pin up girls, along with everyone else. Fun fact-did you know she was a size 16? Thats right girls. And she ROCKED that bod (ow-ow!)




Another one of my favorite vintage vixens, Sophia Loren. Size 10



With all that said, I’d like to focus on vintage inspired swimsuits! Since it is getting warmer and we are going to be baring our bodies, why not!?

Currently by the pool, I’m wearing one of Maaji’s swimsuits, similar to the style of those worn by Monroe and Loren. (in case you were curious-definitly check this brand out!) I got mine at Maude boutique in Fayetteville, AR, but I found it online at Neiman Marcus.




And if you wanted to feel inspired, look at these lovely images I found of pin ups



And of course, in case you wanted to get your hands on a lovely pin up inspired suit, here’s some more I’ve found!

From Anthropology,


From Urban Outfitters, 



If you wanted to go for the 20’s bloomer style, check out Free People


And for the real vintage babes out there, look at Modcloth-not only their suits though, they have FAB vintage and vintage inspired clothing!



Thats it for today divas!
Have a fabulous rest of your day/spring break! 


XX Flancake



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