Friday I’m in love!

Happy Friday everyone!!

This week has been SO incredibly busy, sorry for not posting!! I promised my readers that every Friday I would post something fun and cheerful-it is a Friday!! And with Valentine’s Day coming soon, I figured I would share something so amazing!! Now this post isn’t about me, but I thought I would share it since one of my Zeta sisters shared it with me!!

This past summer my appendix ruptured and I was rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital (3 days AFTER it had ruptured-so I wasn’t really in great shape). But I had surgery and everything turned out fine, but I did spend about a week in the ACH. For my visit, I stayed on the floor that cancer patients stayed as well. As I walked around the first few days, barley able to walk I thought that I had it bad-well I was SO wrong!! I saw so many young children that had some form of cancer walking around and riding in wagons that were SO cheerful!! One little girl in a wagon even came up to me after was able to walk pretty good and said that she thought my hair was pretty (when in fact it wasn’t, but she was just trying to make me feel good) and I thought it was so amazing that she would tell me that when she didn’t even have hair. Basically this experience was life changing. So the whole reason I’m telling this story is because although Valentine’s day is supposedly about love and kisses blah blah blah, it’s also about loving on people you don’t even know! Just like the little girl in the hospital was doing for me. So I encourage you to click the link below and send a FREEEE Valentine to an Arkansas Children’s patient, it will definitely brighten their day! Maybe even put in a cute joke or funny/embarrassing story that happened to you, anything to make them laugh-because everyone knows that laughter is the best cure for anything! If you could, tell your friends about this great opportunity, because every little child deserves a sweet Valentine!! Here’s the link

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a fabulous friday!! I’m leaving you with a canvas I painted a while back with one of my favorite verses, Exodus 14:14. Enjoy!


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