2013 Hair Trends

So far my predictions have been right! (SQUEEL!) Along with Harper’s Bazaar, these are some trends to look for this year:

Slicked back(think of that nasty wet-look from last year, but not as extreme), Super low pony tails (the tie actually comes past your ears and sits on the upper back), and Rock and Roll Waves! The only trend that I’m actually excited about is the Rock and Roll waves!! I honestly should’ve been born in the 70s, but at least with this trend I can look like it. Here are some of my favorites from the runways…

from Diane Von FurstenbergImage

from Versace Image



and from Isabel MarantImage


Look out for these 2013 hair trends and start playing with this hairstyle them yourself! I look forward to this look rocked 😉 (so puny…) 

XX Flancake

And in case you wanted to jam to some 70s rock&roll while you try out this hair style, here’s one of my fav bands and one of my fav songs from the 70’s…enjoy!




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