Friday I’m in Love. Gypsy loving.

From one of my favs, Planet Blue, start the new year with some fun, gypsy lovin. I’m so obsessed with their cookbook “Lost Lifetime” it’s not even funny.

My favorite way to wear the gypsy trend for cold weather is:

A little-A loose, flawy top in a black or other dark color, some kind of shawl or kimono with interesting prints, layered necklaces, and loose curls.

A lot-Some kind of printed or textured leggings (or skinnys), my favorite color right now-a Maroon loose top with pretty details, a big Kimono or Sweater with interesting prints or fabric, and full on layered necklaces, earrings, and rings. LOTS OF RINGS.

The gypsy look is definitely what I seem to be leaning towards right now, i literally always find myself wearing about 6 rings at a time.

The trick to this style however is to always have at least 2 interesting pieces-whether it be your jacket, shoes, or the easiest-jewlrey. Below are some of my favorite sites to find gypsy inspiration and clothes.



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